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Isıl İşlem Bölümümüz

Our heat treatment department works continuously in all 365 days of the year with its team of 17 production personal and one engineer. We can perform processes ; tempering, carburizing, carbonitriding, normalizing, stress relieving, annealing, nitriding, induction, etc., in our department. Also, with our technological laboratory, we can control and make reports in detail of every process.

In our department, we have four atmosphere controlled Ipsen brand furnace (RTQF), eight Ipsen pre-heating/tempering(DL) furnace, one Ipsen brand washing furnace (WSP), four Ø1100mm L;2500mm atmosphere controlled main pit-furnaces, ten Ø1100mm L;2500mm pre-heating/tempering pit-furnaces, three 25 ton cooling tanks, one 15 ton washing tank, two medium frequency induction machines, two BMI brand nitration furnaces. Our furnaces have an automated system. In line with the program made without the need for personal, they can do their loading and emptying processes by themselves.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to intervene and control its processes through remote connection. In the laboratory, there is one Discotom-100 cutting device, one Tegramin-25 device, one Citopress-5 bakelite removing device, one, Livamin leaching device, 1 Durascan micro hardness device, 1 Durajet-G5 macro hardness device, 1 Zeiss Sttemi 508 microscope.

Our department, which has 500 ton monthly heat-treatment capacity in its current state, aims to increase its capacity with new investments and be an exemplary heat treatment facility in Turkey.