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Inan Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ., which has been doing repairs, servicing, and spare parts production for hydraulic breakers in our country for 50 years, was founded in 1972 by Mehmet Tusçuoğlu. The company earned a well-deserved reputation around the country thanks to its manufacturing experience in the machinery industry sector and high quality of products.

Inan Makina was the first company to succeed in the manufacturing of hydraulic breakers in Turkey. After long-lasting technical studies and having considered the opinions of its customers, Inan Makina produced the first local hydraulic breakers under its own brand 'MTB' at the beginning of 2002. Furthermore, to meet the operational needs of its clients, Inan Makina added hydraulic attachment groups Crusher, Grapple, Auger, Compactor, and Drifter to its product family and offered final system solutions in 2006.

With %100 customer happiness in mind, Inan Makina presents its special alloy outer chassis and inner parts, which are tested in the heaviest conditions to its customers. Inan Makina is proud to be a domestic brand with the low costs of its spare parts and high-performance models. Inan Makina moved its facilities to Kapaklı Organized Industrial Site in 2018 to provide its services in modern conditions. It can answer the rising domestic and foreign demands in the 82.000 square meter area.

Inan Makina is happy to show its respect towards nature with the Solar Wall, rainwater harvesting system, and boron oil conversion system in its new facilities. Our company produces more than 30 hydraulic breaker models ranging from 80kg to 7tons. MTB 505(5 tons) and MTB 705(7 tons) are among the world's largest breakers. Inan Makina aims to develop at least two new hydraulic breaker models and hydraulic attachments every year, s the world's largest conventions, increases its domestic and foreign goals annually, and proves that it is a worldwide company. Inan Makina is one of the few 'FULLY INTEGRATED' large companies in the world which incorporate all stages of the conversion process from raw materials into finished products in its facilities.

Inan Makina keeps around 12.000 tons of high-quality steel ready for use and utilizes its high-end technology and experiences under its own facilities in all stages, from stock to finished product. Inan Makina is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 CE certified company. It succeeded in being a leading and exemplary company with its high-quality raw material ion and high-technology CNC machines used in the production stage. All stages of production; welding, grinding, sandblasting, painting, assembly, and packaging processes are carried out by experienced engineers and technical teams. In addition to the atmosphere-controlled 15-ton heat treatment plant and Ipsen brand hybrid sub-zero furnace system (Temperatures below zero), the products gain the required mechanical properties by going through heat treatment in Turkey's largest fully automatic heat treatment furnaces. The products get carefully examined in CMM, metallography, and test units in Inan Makina's own facilities.